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"Day in the life of a little girl" - Norman Rockwell

Utilizo a TV Multimídia para a visualização da imagem abaixo.

1. Observe as cenas da ilustração de Norman Rockwell - "Day in the life of a little girl". Imagine que as personagens da "história" são Mary e Johnny.
Em seguida, numere as frases abaixo na ordem das cenas que compõem esse dia tão especial para Mary.

a. Johnny is sad. It's time to say goodbye. Or is it just "see you later?"

b. Mary is in front of mirror again. She is wearing her hair in a braid. She's getting ready for the party.

c. Mary is still sleeping. What is she dreaming about?

d. There's a full moon tonight. It's time for romance, and Johnny is trying to kiss Mary.

e. The girl is saying her prayers.

f. Mary is late for her swimming class. She's eating a banana.

g. Mary is sleeping now. Is she dreaming about Johnny?

h. One bicycle for two kids. Johnny and Mary are riding a bike.

i. Splash! Mary is jumping into the water.

j. Mary is writing in her diary. What a great day!

k. Johnny is a naughty boy. He is ducking Mary (he is pushing her under water).

l. What a nice birthday party! The kids are having a lot of fun.

m. Tit for tat. Mary is ducking Johnny (she is pushing him under water).

n. The two kids are going to the movies. Johnny is buying the tickets. Mary is eating popcorn.

o. Mary gets mad at Johnny. "Don't ever do that again!", she warns him.

p. Mary is putting on her bathing cap.

q. Mary is waking up. She is yawning.

r. Mary is still sleepy. She is in front of the mirror. She is getting ready to go to the club.

s. Good friends again. Johnny offers Mary a bite os his hot dog.

t. What a cool movie! The two kids are whatching a movie and eating popcorn.

u. Mary is taking a shower.

v. The party is over. Johnny is taking Mary home. She has a small basket in her hand.

2. Pesquise a ilustração "Day in the life of a little boy", também de Norman Rockwell e descreva a sequência dos acontecimento. Você pode utilizar as frases da atividade anterior adaptando-as de acordo com as cenas desta ilustração. (Atividade para entregar)

OBS.: Explorar o tempo verbal (Present Continuous), as formas contraídas, etc

INGLÊS - Série Ensino Médio - Amadeu Marques - 5ª Ed. - Editora Ática

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