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Nas frases abaixo identifique os falsos cognatos, substitua-os pelas palavras certas e reescreva-os em outra frase aplicando-os corretamente.

Exemplo: Frase errada - She pretends to travel abroad next December.
A palavra errada é "pretends". O correto seria intends ou wants.
Aplicação de "pretend" em uma frase certa:
If she pretends she doesn´t know him you´ll have to show them the picture I took last week at the mall where they were kissing each other.

1 - Attend the telephone !
2 - I haven´t been studying too much actually. I used to be a better student when I was younger.
3 - Woman: "What a nice collar ! I think I´ll wear it for the party tonight."
4 - Her new boyfriend is so educated ! He´s a real gentleman !
5 - I eventually play soccer. Not more than twice a year.
6 - I can´t believe you´ve been watching this novel every day. It´s such a stupid story...
7 - I need to go to the library to buy 3 English books. I´m gonna read them for my final test.
8 - You must watch that movie with English legends so you´ll practice your English.
9 - Maria goes to a particular school near her house.
10 - You´re such a sensible man, honey... You´re not afraid of crying when I´m watching a movie with you.
11 - My new girlfriens is a stranger. She was born in Italy and she came to Brazil last month.
12 - She´s so sympathtic... You´ll surely like her the minute you start talking to her.


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